How to Cure Phimosis on Your Own

I found a way to cure my phimosis naturally at home, and I want to share it with you because it's SO SIMPLE!
If you don't want to have surgery but you think there's no other option, just take 10 minutes to read my story on how I overcame my phimosis.

Table of Contents

1. Is surgery necessary to cure phimosis?
2. The cause of phimosis
3. Phimosis stretcher "Glansie"
4. Comparison of all phimosis treatment products
5.Unboxing My Glansie
6. FAQ
7. In the end

Can you really cure phimosis without surgery?

Yes, there's a well-established, natural method for curing phimosis

It worked for me, which is why I want to share with you.

I was able to cure my phimosis within 1 month at home. Here's my story.

Learn more about the risks of circumcision surgery (some images are graphic).

My Phimosis Story

First, I want to thank you for visiting my website. I created it to help others like me who are concerned about their phimosis.

For years, I dealt with the condition, so I hope my story will help you on your way to overcoming phimosis.

I suffered from phimosis until I was 28.

No matter how much I tried to pull back my foreskin, my glans wouldn't come out — with or without an erection. I had severe phimosis. It was so severe that I could only see a very small part of the tip of my glans through my foreskin's opening.

From around the time I turned 20, I became aware that my foreskin was different and that something needed to be done to fix my problem. After learning that I had phimosis, I read about surgery as a treatment option and even considered it, but I just couldn't bear the thought of cutting off a part of my body with a surgical knife. At the time, surgery was the only option being discussed on the internet, so I chose to suffer for years instead of getting a circumcision.

But now... I don't have phimosis!

I didn't give in to surgery. I cured my phimosis on my own.

The natural method I talk about below worked for me, and it can work for most men suffering from phimosis.

When Is Circumcision Necessary for Phimosis?

Unfortunately, not every case of phimosis can be cured with the natural, at-home method I used. There are is one type of phimosis that does require surgery.1

What Kind of Phimosis Can't Be Cured at Home?
If your foreskin and glans are stuck together (basically an adhesion between the two) you won’t be able to cure phimosis naturally on your own.

If this describes your condition, I highly recommend getting treated by a urologist.

How to test if your foreskin and glans are stuck together
1. Stand in the bathtub or shower (since this test can be messy)
2. Pinch the opening of your foreskin at the tip of your penis to close the opening.
3. Urinate a little bit.

If the foreskin blows up like a balloon (see the image below), your foreskin and glans are not stuck together, and you can try my method. If not, unfortunately I must suggest that you go to a urologist to discuss surgical options.

What Causes Phimosis?

The cause of phimosis is actually very simple.
The cause is...

The foreskin's opening is too small.2
That's all.

Fortunately, this simple condition has a simple cure: All you need to do is widen the foreskin's opening!

Before I show you how I cured my phimosis, I think it's important to first understand what is happening to your body when you have it.

If you're scared about getting a circumcision and want to fix your phimosis on your own, please keep reading. By the time you're done, I'm sure you'll feel confident YOUR PHIMOSIS CAN BE CURED WITHOUT SURGERY.

Foreskin Anatomy

I wrote earlier that the cause of phimosis is that the foreskin's opening is too small.

Looking at the diagram above, you can see the foreskin's opening labeled "C". A good way to describe how the opening works is to think of it as a rubber band or ring that's about 5 mm in diameter (a little less than 1/4 of an inch). When this ring at the tip of the penis is too small, the glans can't come out.

This is the only cause of phimosis.

But with the right method, there's no need to worry!

Your foreskin's opening can be easily widened with a daily stretching routine, the same way that stretching your body can make you more flexible.

After years of suffering, you're probably wondering, "Can it really be that easy to make my foreskin's opening wider?" Based on my own personal success, I can say with certainty that the foreskin's opening can be easily widened.

The method I used to cure my phimosis, was done in the privacy of my home and without surgery. So, how can you get the same results as me? Let me explain the method in detail below.

The "Glansie" Phimosis Stretcher

To stretch my foreskin's opening quickly and gently, I used a tool called "Glansie".

And that's it!

I found it easy to use because its design and function are very simple.

The photo above is what Glansie looks like. Its design is very simple to use!

How the foreskin should work
The foreskin has a double-layer structure. By widening the foreskin's opening, you can easily expose the glans.

Also, human skin has the natural ability to stretch, so your foreskin's opening can be easily widened.

For example, the man pictured above is a member of the Suya tribe in the Amazon rainforest. The tribe is known for wearing lip plates about 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter in the lower lip.3
Like their lip-stretching method, your foreskin's opening can be easily stretched.

Glansie is designed for this purpose. It works the opposite way that pliers do — when you squeeze the handle, the tips of Glansie open.

By inserting the tips just past your foreskin's opening and gently squeezing the handle, you can stretch your foreskin's opening and begin to cure your phimosis.

Like the image above, using Glansie can widen your foreskin's opening.

Glansie is designed with rounded ball tips to keep it from slipping out from the foreskin's opening.

When I used Glansie, I found that sometimes the tips would slip out because of sweat or oil. When this happened, I would simply use my free hand to hold it in place with my thumb and index finger.

Also, you don't need to stretch to the point of pain. I found that as long as there was a sensation that the foreskin’s opening was stretching, then it was working the right way.

In my case, I was able to see with my own eyes that my foreskin's opening was beginning to widen by the third day. I tested Glansie's results and found that when I pulled the foreskin toward the root of my penis, I was able to expose the tip of my glans.

That was the moment I realized, "Glansie Works!" Up until then I was a bit skeptical, but not after.

By stretching my foreskin's opening with Glansie twice a day (morning and night) for about 30 minutes each session...

I completely cured my phimosis in about 10 days!

Even today, I still can picture that AMAZING moment when I was able to completely see my glans for the first time! After years of suffering, I felt like I had a new, exciting life ahead of me.

This is my story, so how long it takes you to cure your phimosis with Glansie may be quicker or slower, but I feel that anyone like me can use Glansie to fully cure their phimosis on their own without resorting to surgery.

Based on researching phimosis treatments, I chose Glansie because I felt it provided the least financial, physical, and emotional stress.

With surgery, you lose a part of yourself. That results not only in emotional stress, but also a loss of sexual sensation, and you risk other potential long-term side effects like erectile disfunction or abnormal ejaculation.

Glansie not only let me keep my foreskin intact, it restored my foreskin opening’s ability to retract, so there’s no risk!

If you're concerned about your phimosis — especially if you're seriously considering surgery — I strongly recommend this method.

Give it a try and stick with it for at least a week. I believe you'll feel that you made a great choice!

If you don't get the results you expect, Glansie's website says you can get a total refund. They will even pay you $200 USD if you decide to have surgery for your phimosis after trying Glansie!4

If you're interested in trying Glansie, you can click on either of the links below to buy one.

Glansie's Online Store

Shop Glansie on Amazon

Comparing Phimosis Tools

There are several tools that claim to cure phimosis. Before I decided to go with Glansie, I spent a lot of time reading about each product and checking out reviews and comments on Amazon, Reddit, and other forums. Every product had a range of reviews, but Glansie seemed to be the safest bet when compared to the others, and I'm happy I chose it.

Overall evaluation

$100 – $120
(Success rate: 99% / Period: 2weeks)
Glansie was the first phimosis tool on the market, being released in 2000.
Over 120,000 have been sold with very few negative comments on forums compared to other products.

Two important features for me were the mechanical stopper that makes it really easy to hold and Glansie's ability to effectively work on severe phimosis.

(Success rate: 95% / Period: 2weeks)
This product came out after Glansie.
GlansPro’s website says it’s better, but I didn't think it was designed as well.
First, there's no mechanical stopper, which I liked about Glansie, and second, the handle is designed like scissors, so you must use your thumb and index finger to maintain consistent pressure.

(Success rate: 50% / Period: 2month)
There were a few reasons why I didn’t choose Phimocure.
I had severe phimosis, so even the smallest rings couldn’t fit because my foreskin opening was too small.
There were also a lot of customer complaints that the results aren’t quick enough, stretching is painful because the rings aren’t designed to widen at the same rate that the foreskin widens, and the rings easily fall out.

(Success rate: 50% / Period: 2month)
Phimostop is designed to be a better version of Phimocure and has slightly better reviews on forums.
I didn’t choose this product for the same reasons as Phimocure, but it also seemed more complicated to use and I noticed that the rings actually touch the glans, which I read could be painful.

(Success rate: 30% / Period: 2month)
The balloon design is unique, but again, my phimosis was severe enough that I wouldn’t even be able to start using it because of the size of my foreskin’s opening. While researching, I found that customers complained that Novoglan’s stretching power wasn’t strong enough to be effective. It also comes into direct contact with the glans, which I wanted to avoid because of the extreme sensitivity.

Unboxing My Glansie

usly on forums with other phimosis sufferers is a great way to find out what works and what doesn’t, I prefer to keep my medical conditions to myself around the house. Reading stories about embarrassing packaging for Phimocure, I was nervous about ordering a phimosis tool without setting off alarms when the package finally arrived. Many of the tools available online are shipped from outside of the U.S., which means that the packaging may include a foreign language or a customs form that’s too descriptive.

The Package I Received in the Mail

After I ordered Glansie, I was really relieved to have my package arrive like any other delivery I get from Amazon. There was a small reference to Glansie in the return mailing address, but nothing that would tell the mailman I had a medical problem. (Note: All of the blanked out parts in the picture above are tracking numbers and my home address.) Best of all, Amazon used their branded envelope and it only took about 4 days from when I placed my order.
While I could feel that there was a something hard inside the bubble wrap envelope, I think it would be impossible for anyone to guess what might be inside.

I remember quickly tearing open the envelope and pulling out my Glansie. It was so tightly wrapped in bubble wrap that it took a moment to get it out. Included with the tool were easy-to-understand instructions, plus a personal note from the company owner along with his e-mail address.

My First Impressions

I had no idea at the time how important Glansie would be in changing my life for the better, but my first impressions were good. I remember that it was definitely smaller than what I was expecting – less heavy (2.5oz / 73g) and easier to grip. For some reason, I thought it would be a much larger and more cumbersome tool (it’s actually about 7” / 17.5cm).
I think if you needed to, you could put Glansie in your front pocket to carry from room to room without anyone noticing. In my case, I had personal time to use it each day without needing privacy while doing my exercises, so I just kept it stored in my sock drawer.

After giving it a couple practice squeezes and getting a feel for the resistance that the spring provides, I knew it was a quality tool. Changing the pressure with the handles was smooth and easy to control and the mechanical stopper felt really secure when being used. Even after I cured my phimosis, the tool was working as good as the first time I tried it.

With a little practice, I quickly caught on to the most effective way for me to hold Glansie with one hand and activate the mechanical stopper with just my thumb. The total width of the tips was also surprisingly small (5/16” / 7mm), which was a relief when I was able to use it right away even though I had severe phimosis.

Everything about ordering Glansie was a positive experience. From buying through a trusted source like Amazon, to the quick delivery time and discreet packaging. I was able to start my at-home treatment within days of ordering it and cured my severe phimosis in less than 2 weeks!

My Answers to Common Questions

Below are some questions I had before using Glansie. The answers are based on my own experience with using Glansie to cure my phimosis.

 Is Glansie painless?

I found that there was a little pain when stretching, but not enough to be unbearable.

When stretching, I adjusted how much I squeezed the handle based on the pain. I squeezed more firmly during some sessions and more gently during others, but I still achieved results over time.

Important Note: Glansie's website recommends that you expand your foreskin's opening until you reach about 80% of the limit of the stretching that you can stand.

If the stretching strength is too weak, you will lower Glansie's effectiveness and it will take longer to see results. On the other hand, if you try to cure your phimosis too quickly by stretching too aggressively, you can damage your foreskin.

For me, it was easy to feel the right amount of stretching I needed to apply — not too strong and not too weak — by carefully observing my foreskin during my daily stretching routine.

Before trying Glansie, you might worry like I did that it will be painful.

However, I felt more intense pain after my glans was exposed than at any time while using Glansie. For those of you suffering from severe phimosis, having your exposed glans rub against your underwear can cause intense pain! The reason for this is that the glans’s skin is very thin, making it extremely sensitive.

But even with this, there is no need to worry. The pain should stop bothering you in about 6 months. You might be thinking "What?! That long?"

What helped me to deal with the temporary discomfort of my exposed glans was knowing that it’s something every male must go through, it just too longer for me because I spent years suffering with phimosis!

 How much does Glansie cost?

There are two options when buying Glansie: with a stopper ($120 USD) or without a stopper ($100 USD).

I bought the one with a stopper.

If I chose the one without a stopper, I would have had to keep squeezing the handle for 30 minutes twice a day, which I thought would make my hand very tired.

 What are Glansie’s advantages over surgery?

I think the biggest advantage of Glansie is that it allowed my foreskin to retract naturally without needing to cut it. This is a big difference from surgery, which involves many risks and complications.

Also, Glansie let me cure my phimosis on my own, so I could keep my privacy.

Finally, I chose Glansie, because it was a much more affordable option that could offer better results.

If you want to know more about the risks of circumcision, I put together a detailed explanation in the link below. If you're considering getting a circumcision to treat your phimosis, be sure to read that first.

Once you put your body under the knife, there's no turning back.

Read about the risks of circumcision.

 What if Glansie doesn't cure my phimosis?

A big reason I decided to try Glansie is because of the guarantees: a full-refund guarantee and a surgery reimbursement guarantee.

The company that makes Glansie will provide a full refund if it doesn't cure your phimosis.

The surgery reimbursement guarantee will compensate you $200 USD if you have a circumcision after trying Glansie (as long as the surgery is insured).

This means that if you get a circumcision to cure your phimosis after you buy Glansie, your surgery would be free!

While I personally chose to suffer with phimosis rather have a circumcision, knowing that the company believes in Glansie enough to pay for part of the cost of surgery, definitely gave me piece of mind.

Based on reading my experience with phimosis and Glansie, do you think it's worth trying? I hope that you can understand how much Glansie has changed my life for the better.

The belief that "phimosis = surgery" is common but it's no longer true.

There is so much fake information on the internet that causes misunderstandings about phimosis and how to cure it. Perhaps if I didn't know out about Glansie, I would have broken down and gotten surgery at some point.

Luckily, I found Glansie first! And I really feel fortunate that I was able to cure my phimosis on my own.

It's tough to talk about phimosis with others, but I hope that my story can help you overcome your phimosis.

Glansie's Online Store

Shop Glansie on Amazon

Why I Created This Website

Thank you for taking the time to read what I have shared.

Has my story helped you in any way?

I finally cured my phimosis when I was 28 years old with Glansie. Up until then, my love life was non-existent, and I was shy.

I look back on the years I suffered from phimosis and regret how much of my life passed by, how much I missed out on what should have been one of the most exciting times of my life. If I had only found Glansie sooner...

I don't want anyone to go through the same misery that I did. Please don't believe that phimosis can't be cured — instead, try Glansie. I strongly believe it will dramatically change your life in less than 1 month.

I sincerely hope you can quickly overcome your phimosis like I did.


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